Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Many people think a computer is a permanent safe place to store your pictures.  That is partially true.  I've been using computers since 1970.  And I can tell you that computers break, hard drives break, and memory cards break. If that happens to you, then your pictures may be lost forever.

You need to have all your data/pictures in 2 safe places in case one of them breaks.  When I talk about all your data, I mean all your pictures and anything else you hold dear on your computer like favorites...  You can always reinstall your software, so that is not included, but always keep your cd's/dvd's/download instructions in a safe place so you can reinstall easily.  I keep a list of all software installed so I can recover quickly. To be honest, I keep a complete copy of my "C" drive up-to-date so recovery is very quick. I've had to use my backups and even though it's no fun, they do work.

I recommend purchasing an external hard drive for your computer along with software that backs up your beloved pictures. You can view my Equipment List to see what I use. Email me with questions.

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