Thursday, November 20, 2008

Backing up using external drive enclosures

If you are not backing up your hard drive or are using cd's or dvd's for your backups, then read this:
You can buy products like this:
that include the hard drive.  This one is 250gb, enough for most people, but you may need a bigger version, there are many.
Or you can put your own together.  This enclosure is for an ide hard drive, the older type. 
SATA's need a different model, like this one:
You can put in your own hard drive and then plug into your usb connection and install the software and backup your precious data.  I do this every day.  Yes every day because I don't want to take the chance of a hard drive breaking and my precious data not backed up.  In fact I use my old hard drives and move all my data to my friends house (any off site location in case of fire) every 6 months in case my house burns down.  I then insert another old hard drive and start the daily backups again.

Mike Bessler
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